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Founded in 2016, “Thawabit Vision” Real Estate Development Company was able to draw its letters on the glossy real estate project board in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Focusing on building emerging real estate projects, relying on the quality of design and price competitiveness, depending on highly experienced and qualified Bahraini hands to ultimately be the most beautiful haven for the Bahraini family on the one hand, and a contribution to revitalizing the national economy on the other hand.

Our Story

“Thawabit Vision” Real Estate is a company founded by a group of ambitious national hands each one of them is master in a specialization, whether in the field of engineering, economics, management, design, and others .. Then those efforts joined hands and shined in the sky of the Bahrain real estate market.

The team of “Thawabit Vision” was formed after passing through many stations whose stages were mixed with many difficulties and challenges in light of the constellation of competitors in the real estate world .. The team was exposed to a series of obstacles, but it entered into the crater of all the risks faced, armed with a love of challenge, wrapped up its insistence to act and work. The team tireless effort was framed by careful study of the real estate world, inlaid with the necessary knowledge in all disciplines supporting them, and working on continuous knowledge, where the “Thawabit Vision” team was carrying out field visits inside the Kingdom, and external tours through travel to various developed and distinguished  countries with modern design that simulate the charm of modernity So, we learned from them new methods in the field of real estate development, and also intensified  through the in depth research into the characteristics and tastes of the dealers, and focused on the desires of the Bahraini family specifically, and translated all these experiences at the heart of the implementation of our distinguished projects in the real estate sector. Thus, in a short period, “Thawabit Vision” were able to engrave their letters in the record of national real estate achievements, because they sought to use all available resources and expertise to advance the Bahraini real estate in terms of construction or investment, bearing in mind the National Economic Vision 2030, and the international goals related to development Sustainable.

This is the team of “Thawabit Vision”, and it is simply managed – with its limitless ambitions, which do not know the impossible – to transform ideas into a reality that won the trust of society, and even won the confidence of the Kingdom of Bahrain, as they became a real estate developer accredited to the Ministry of Housing. Thanks to the belief of the team in its capabilities and facing all the challenges – which they faced, they were at the top of excellence and creativity, and through the eyes of their ideas and the lens of their aspirations – the reputation of “Thawabit Vision” team became synonymous with perfection in construction and accuracy in delivery times.

Our Values

• Justice: providing housing or investment that meets the aspiration of the customer according to his taste and need.
• National: Working within a qualified Bahraini team of skilled engineers and administrators who are characterized by accuracy and proficiency.
• Quality: providing the highest quality at a fair and competitive price against the desired property.
• Creativity: Putting amazing marks and touches that show the personality of “Thawabit Vision” in the real estate world.


Architecture: It comes in a smooth model that reveals designs of a renewed style.
• Transparency: illustrated documentation of all phases of construction from site selection, through laying of foundations and bases, to completion of construction and finishes.
• Environment friendly: work in rationalization, taking into account all environmental conditions, and giving green spaces inside or outside the home all the attention.

We Are

100% Bahraini !



Bahrain, United Tower Level 29 Building 316، Rd 4609, Manama.


+973 33111202





  • + 973 33111202
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