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Marwan isa alamadi


Eng. Marwa Alhamrani

Interior Design Manager

Message from the Board of Directors

“Thawabit Vision” Real Estate Development Company is an important link in the Bahraini real estate arena, as it believes in providing adequate housing for the family residing on the land of the Kingdom, which is another building block in the Bahraini architecture, it is adorned with insightful national vision, Bahrain’s economic vision 2030 Several constants valuables that we have laid down from the first moment since the establishment of our company, have focused primarily on the architecture of the homeland and serving the residents of the Kingdom, and highlighted the principles of sustainable development that the Kingdom of Bahrain seeks in light of the international development goals, especially the eleventh goal related to building safe and stable cities and societies .
We also paid attention to maintaining a clean and healthy environment within our various projects, through rationalizing energy consumption and providing vast green areas, as well as recreational facilities and high-end finishing prepared with the best and most modern equipment. “ Thawabit Vision” have succeeded over the past years in finding suitable housing solutions and creating a profitable investment environment, which ultimately aims to raise the level of real estate development and gain the confidence of dealers and improve its reputation. We are currently working  n applying our real estate strategies through which we look to become “Thawabit Vision” the benchmark in the residential real estate industry that elevates the Bahraini family and contributes to enhancing the quality of life. We are a Bahraini company that cherishes its identity, and we seek through our qualified cadres to be the perfect choice and the most prominent partner for every trader or investor who wants to put his hand in our hands, but will find us ahead of him by reaching out first.

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